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Research suggests that 1 in 10 households have invested in a hot tub or swim spa. These luxury investments need regular care and maintenance to avoid long term damage and costly repairs. The incorrect use and balance of chemicals in the water can have a profound effect on the mechanical parts and is a primary cause of damage.

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If you want to keep your spa in excellent condition, use professional spa maintenance to protect your investment and ensure it’s always ready to use. Regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure your hot tub is healthy and in complete working order is crucial if you want to take advantage of the opportunities to relax and unwind,

At Pool Innovations, our priority is to ensure spas are ready to use and the water is crystal clear.

Pool Innovations are based in Derby and cover all local areas. Our friendly and helpful team of engineers, repair, maintain and service all makes and models of fibreglass and wooden hot tubs.


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If the water in your hot tub is more than 2 months old, we always recommend that you drain and re-fill your hot tub a few days prior to our arrival. This will allow ample time for the hot tub to reach temperature ready for the basic service.

Jet Wash and Clean: The hot tub cover and body are jet washed. A degreaser is then applied to soak in.

Water Balanced: The water is tested for pH, sanitiser, calcium hardness, alkalinity, TDS, CYN and then balanced.

Shell Polish: The hot tub shell is wiped down with a surface cleaner and polish.

Cartridge Clean: The filters are degreased and left to soak

Syphon: A hose is used to syphon out visible debris.

Running Checks: Electrical components are run tested and pipework is checked for leaks. The heater, pressure switches and probes are all run tested.

Controls: Controls are re-programmed if required.

Cartridge Filters: After a long soak, they are jet washed and re-installed.

Final Rinse: The jets wash is used to rinse down the hot tub, removing the degreaser from the cover and shell.


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The Premium service normally lasts 3-4 hours. Our bespoke service includes all of the basic service package plus a range of additional services and tests as identified below:

System Flush: A pipe degreaser is added to your hot tub for 30 minutes to clean the internal pipework.

Jet Wash, Wet Vac and Clean: The hot tub cover, body, shell and surrounds are jet washed. A degreaser is used to scrub the shell and a wet vacuum removes the remaining water and debris.

Drain Down: A pump is used to drain down your hot tub.

Re-Fill: A hose then begins the re-fill.

Leak Check: All gaskets and valves are checked for leaks.

Electrical Check: Dead tests are carried out on the electrical components; this identifies any potential faults.

Cover Clean: The cover is scrubbed with surface cleaner and rinsed, then fabric protector is applied.

Running Checks: Electrical components are run tested and pipework is checked for leaks. The heater, pressure switches and probes are all run tested.

Handover: If required, customers are advised of how to balance the hot tub and how to properly maintain.

• Chemicals, testing and maintenance equipment is available for sale during these services, please ask the engineer.


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Do you have a problem or fault?

At Pool Innovations we have extensive fault-finding electrical knowledge, which enables us to locate your fault and provide solutions quickly and efficiently.

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