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Below you will find information about our key services. If you have a specific enquiry that is not covered in the links below. Be sure to use our quick contacts button or telephone us, so we can assist you in your enquiry.

Swimming Pools

swimming pools

Green, cloudy, or dirty pools are a constant ongoing problem. It is not easy to control and to understand what chemicals to add and how much. You could be wasting time and money trying to fix this unnecessarily. Pool Innovations offer regular service packages; monthly, weekly and one offs. We clean up swamp like pools and those that have been neglected.

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hot tubs

Hot tubs normally operate at 36 degrees or more. At this temperature bacteria thrives. It’s really important to control the chemical balance to keep the water clean and healthy. The wrong balance not only makes the water unsafe for its users, but the crucially the equipment are prone to irreversible damage

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water features

Unsurprisingly to us water features should be treated in the same way as swimming pools and hot tubs. Particularly interactive water features. This is where we stand out from the crowd. Pool Innovations have the technical knowhow; from the build process to repairing and faut finding.

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leak detection

Over the years, Pool Innovations have built up a significant leak detection toolbox. Comprising of the latest technology our kit enables us to identify the location of water loss with confidence. Pool Innovations will then provide a comprehensive report and solutions for a permanent fix.

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