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leak Detection & repair

One of the greatest problems for pool owners are the escalating financial costs when things start to go wrong. Water loss is the most common problem associated with pools. There are many additional hidden costs associated with replacing water as a result of loss, which include:

  • Heating Fresh Water
  • Chemical Dilutions
  • Water Balance Issues
  • Increased Phosphates
  • Hidden Structural Damage

Does your pool have an automatic top-up function? If so, you may not even realise there is a leak. These systems can disguise significant water loss which can lead to unstable chemical balance and energy waste, resulting in increased financial costs.

Have you considered how much your leak is costing you?

How many litres of water per day is your pool loosing?

How much of your water loss is associated with evaporation?

Leak Detection

We offer a bespoke leak detection package using the latest technology to accurately pinpoint the location of leaks in your swimming pool. The service is a 2 person job which requires a full day. Included within the package is a comprehensive condition report.

The package does not include the repair of leaks identified, however we will provide you with an optional quotation to undertake the repairs based on the report findings.

Please check out our latest project which was completed in October 2020.

Pool Leak Detection


Pool Leak Detection
✔ Leakalyser; water loss detector which identifies actual water loss in
✔ litres per day
✔ Sonar leak detection
✔ Underwater microphone listening devices
✔ Pipework pressure testing with air and mains water pressure
✔ Pipework underground leak locator
✔ Scuba Diving manual dye tests
✔ Underwater light leak testing
✔ Plantroom inspections

* please download the pre-requisites for this service here
* this service does not include any repairs.